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About Us

Pure Progress

Pure Progress represents our passion to provide innovative, high-quality products that will enable the advancement of new therapeutic treatments along with a sustainable approach to make those biologics affordable and available to patients.Charles Ruban, President and CEO of Verdot

Verdot have been designing and manufacturing custom solutions for over 70 years, with more than three decades within the bioprocessing space.

We’re specialists in the design and manufacture of downstream purification solutions for the biopharmaceutical and food processing sectors.

One team, one vision

We’re a dedicated, close-knit team of bioprocessing engineers and scientists who fundamentally believe in progressing science forward. Our mission is to take part in the development of biological treatments, ultimately leading to increased accessibility and improving patients lives.

What makes us unique?

Thanks to the experience and knowledge acquired over our rich history, we:

  • Understand and prioritize our clients’ needs
  • Have a culture of continual innovation, helping technologies to improve
  • Consistently provide the highest quality products
  • Are proud to have a remarkably low carbon footprint

Made in France, for the entire world

Our headquarters and manufacturing facilities have been in the same city since we began in the 1950s. Verdot’s state-of-the-art bioengineering facilities can be found in Riom, in the department of Puy-de-Dôme, right in the heart of France. This region is known for its abundance of natural spring water and fine cheeses.

We make most everything in-house

All equipment is designed, engineered, manufactured and assembled within our ISO 9001:2015 certified facilities enabling our project teams to partner with the quality teams. In alignment with our sustainability efforts, 96% of the components are supplied within Europe (as of July 2023).

ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Management system

Since its first ISO 9001 certification in 2006, Verdot has continuously met the requirements and standards for certification through its adaptive quality management system (QMS), based on a process approach and continuous improvement.


Chromatography columns are inspected by notified bodies and CE certified according to the European Pressure Equipment Directive, category I to IV. All equipment is manufactured in compliance with directives and regulatory standards related to:

  • the safety of products and equipment
  • the quality of equipment and automated systems
  • the quality of product contact materials


All welders have qualifications according to ISO 14732 and ISO 9606-1 standards. Our inspector is COFREND level 2 certified and our wielding coordinator is IWT certified (International Welding Technologist).


Descriptions of operating modes for welding assembly are qualified by a notified body according to the ISO 15613 and ISO 15614 standards.

The Verdot story:

  • We began in the 1950s, from the workshop of Mr. Charles Verdot. Under his guidance, a small team worked tirelessly to fashion high-quality products for the likes of Michelin.
  • From the 1970s, the workshop grew and began to specialize in stainless steel and plastic materials. The Verdot team manufactured bespoke prototypes, sub-assemblies and intricate works of immense detail.
  • The 1980’s saw Verdot lean increasingly towards the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.
  • By the mid 90s, using the expertise acquired over many years, a research unit was created to develop our own equipment. We offered three lines of product:
    • Weighing and packing equipment
    • Closed loop water systems
    • Industrial equipment for purification processes
  • From the 2000s to the present day, we’ve been dedicated to the mastery of smart design and bioprocessing in the Pharmaceutical industry. We create and innovate solutions designed for decades of service, in order to make a genuine difference.