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AgiChrom™ Columns

Ideal purification solution for products with particulates or high viscosities

Columns are designed for pilot and industrial applications where feed pre-filtration is not feasible. A flexible configuration allows for either fixed or height-adjustable agitators depending on process requirements. Agitated columns are easily upgradable to our InPlace™ columns.


  • Scalable column design from 10 cm – 120 cm (1.2 m). Larger diameters available upon request.
  • Settled bed height level up to 35 cm
  • Unique filter and flow distributor
  • Available with borosilicate glass, 316 L stainless steel, or acrylic column tubes
  • Optional water-jacket for temperature control
  • Comprehensive documentation package for regulatory submissions

Column customization available (inquire for more information)

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