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ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Management system

Since its first ISO 9001 certification in 2006, Verdot has continuously met the requirements and standards for certification through its adaptive quality management system (QMS), based on a process approach and continuous improvement.


Chromatography columns are inspected by notified bodies and CE certified according to the European Pressure Equipment Directive, category I to IV. All equipment is manufactured in compliance with directives and regulatory standards related to:

  • the safety of products and equipment
  • the quality of equipment and automated systems
  • the quality of product contact materials


All welders have qualifications according to ISO 14732 and ISO 9606-1 standards. Our inspector is COFREND level 2 certified and our wielding coordinator is IWT certified (International Welding Technologist).


Descriptions of operating modes for welding assembly are qualified by a notified body according to the ISO 15613 and ISO 15614 standards.