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Custom Systems for Downstream Bioprocessing

Designed to meet your specific process requirements

With over 35 years of building custom products in the bioprocessing space, we have the experience and scientific understanding to effectively consult, design, manufacture and validate a system based on your needs and process requirements. Our refined manufacturing processes and comprehensive quality system ensure that we deliver superior-quality products. Systems can be designed to meet various regulated requirements along with 21CFR part 11 compliance data integrity standards.

Customers will have a direct line to an experienced project leader dedicated to your needs and provide regular status updates. Additionally, if any changes to the specific requirements occur, this guarantees that they can be quickly implemented.

We have designed custom systems for multiple applications, including:

  • Chromatography Process Skids
  • Tangential filtration (TFF) skids
  • Buffer preparation skids
  • Dilution skids
  • Food bioprocessing (e.g., extraction of therapeutic molecules or compounds)
  • …and multi-purpose systems

All custom systems are delivered with a comprehensive documentation package that include:

  • System drawings
  • Component list and associated technical data sheets
  • Material tracking and traceability
  • Quality control testing and FAT/SAT results
  • User manual
  • Regulatory compliance information

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