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EasyPack™ Columns

Optimized Performance with axial compression

Chromatography columns designed for pilot-scale through clinical trials and commercial large-scale manufacturing. We offer several chromatography column hardware configurations depending on your biologic purification application.  With automated packing methods and axial compression technology, users can achieve precision-driven first-time right packing.  Expensive downtime and potential loss of product can result from packing errors.  You can always lean on us for guidance and support.  We have an extensive library of packing studies performed at-scale to provide guidance, which is continuously growing as we partner with resin manufacturers.  In addition, we offer on-site packing support to ensure you receive an exceptional user experience with our products.  EasyPack™ columns are easily upgradable to our InPlace™ columns.

If you have specific requirements, we can customize our columns for a more tailored solution. Contact us for more information.


  • Scalable column design from 18 cm – 200 cm (2 m)
  • Adjustable bed height up to 51 cm, using a central screw mechanism. Automated bed height adjustment available.
  • Unique filter and flow distributor
  • Column design ensures high performance and ease of cleaning
  • Automated method-driven packing enables high-packing efficiency
  • Available with borosilicate glass, 316 L stainless steel, or acrylic column tubes
  • Basic and advanced packing motor console options depending on process requirements
  • Comprehensive documentation package for regulatory submissions

Column customization available (inquire for more information)

Documents, user guides and application notes

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