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Launch of the SME Pact alliance: State, large accounts and SMEs unite and commit to decarbonize our economy and our SMEs

13 Jul 23

This Thursday, July 13, in Bercy, Pacte PME launched its alliance for the decarbonization of the economy and SMEs, under the aegis of Olivia Grégoire, Minister Delegate in charge of Small and Medium Enterprises, Trade, Crafts and Tourism, with 7 major accounts (Airports of Paris SA., Bouygues Construction, EDF, ENGIE, Sanofi, Schneider Electric and Thales).

An innovative alliance with ambitious goals.

This alliance aims to significantly accelerate the decarbonization of thousands of SMEs in the territory, by providing them with a complete decarbonization process, from the carbon footprint to the implementation of technological solutions that will make it possible to act effectively on the reduction of their shows.

This initiative is part of the objective of carbon neutrality by 2050 in Europe and France, and is aimed at the 146,000 SMEs in France, and in particular the 33,000 industrial SMEs, which must embark on a of decarbonization. According to the European Commission, 23 million SMEs at European Union level represent half of the wealth created on the continent, but also 63% of greenhouse gas emissions.

The Pacte PME association, whose mission since 2010 has been to facilitate the development of SMEs by bringing together and accelerating interactions with large companies, ETIs and professional organisations, has decided to make its contribution to onboard medium-sized and small companies. , mainly from the manufacturing and construction industry, in a trajectory of decarbonization, energy transition and sustainable growth. By 2025, 3,400 SMEs will have been supported thanks to the Alliance’s schemes and the support of key accounts, which could represent 50% of the CAC 40 within 3 years.

Mobilization of the entire value chain

After an introduction by Thomas COURBE, General Manager of Enterprises, several actors (economist, parliamentarian, managers of large accounts and SMEs, etc.) followed one another during the two round tables in order to describe concretely how French SMEs can succeed in their transition and what means will be used to achieve the various objectives set by the State.

Minister Olivia Grégoire, who concluded the conference, after a sequence of signature of a charter of commitment in the “Alliance Pacte PME pour la decarbonation et la transition energetice” by 7 major accounts, recalled in particular that “this alliance imagined by Pacte PME and major member accounts, provides ambitious and concrete responses for the decarbonization of SMEs throughout the territory. The decarbonization of our economy plays a central and priority role for the coming years, and it is in this perspective that the State is mobilizing significant resources and implementing numerous solutions, developed with ADEME, BPI France and the chambers consular”.

“Decarbonization will be collective or it will not be! says Philippe Luscan, president of Pacte PME. “The strength of the Alliance lies both in the ability of large groups to bring their SME suppliers on board on the national territory and to offer them a collective system, which will allow companies, small and large, to move forward together. towards carbon neutrality and a successful energy transition,” says François Perret, CEO of Pacte PME.

The first SMEs involved in the system will begin their “carbon assessment” in the fall, while companies that have already taken this step will be supported until the choice of investments to be made to implement technological solutions to rebalance their product mix. energy.

– About the Pacte PME association:

The Pacte PME association was created in 2010 on the initiative of Henri Lachmann, then president of Schneider Electric. Bringing together around forty major accounts, professional organisations, but also ETIs and SMEs since last year, it aims to organize responsible dialogue within the sectors between companies of all sizes, with the aim of transforming a more large number of SMEs in ETI on the national territory. Since January 2018, it has been chaired by Philippe Luscan, executive vice-president in charge of industrial affairs for the Sanofi Group until 2021. The operational management of the association has been entrusted to François Perret, its managing director since February 2015. Pacte PME , since its creation, has set up an Observatory that regularly measures the quality of relations between major contractors in the French economy and their co-contractors. It also has a digital “Hub”, facilitating interactions and business opportunities between large companies, mid-sized companies and SMEs. Since 2016, the association has supported more than 400 companies in their development and transformations with the support of its key member accounts.

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