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Downstream Solutions for Nucleic Acid Encapsulation purification and Vaccine development

These applications involve the purification and processing of nucleic acids (e.g., DNA or RNA) and often the encapsulation into delivery vehicles (e.g., lipid nanoparticles, LNP).  The industry has recently embraced the advantages of single-use workflows and process automation, providing greater workflow flexibility and increased process efficiency. Vaccine development and manufacturing presents several unique challenges due to the delicate nature of the molecules, process complexity, and rigorous safety and quality regulations. Furthermore, messenger RNA (mRNA)-based vaccines using lipid nanoparticle encapsulation have the added challenge of low process yields. Despite these challenges, the development and production of mRNA and vaccine products are continually evolving, especially in response to emerging infectious diseases like COVID-19.

Meeting these challenges requires a combination of innovative purification technologies, process optimization, stringent quality control measures, and adherence to regulatory guidelines.  Verdot offers a combination of single-use and stainless technologies to support these challenges and as well as consistency, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness during commercial scale-up of vaccine and mRNA applications.

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Ready to take your innovation to market?